The Appeal of American Real Estate
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The Top 5 Reasons of American Real Estate Appeal

American Real Estate Appeal 01

Increase in population due to immigration resulted in increase in demand for properties for sale and rent.


America being one of the world’s largest immigrant nation and growing population as a developed country. Population has increased to nearly double in the last 50 years. In Japan with the low birth rate and aging population the unemployment has also increased, while in America the working class continues to grow. Real estate’s occupancy rate has continued to grow over several years proportionate to number of properties. It is predicted that it will continue to increase and real estate property demand will grow.

Since 1999 the highest demand of renters between the ages of 20-34 years old have increased, and it has been predicted to continually grow. With the increase in rental demand, vacancies are predicted to decrease, and a steady cash flow is guaranteed.

American Real Estate Appeal 02

Market Size and High Liquidity for Pre Owned Property

Number of propeties trade within Japan and the United States

Unlike Japan, it is more common to purchase used property compared to new real estate in America. In Japan (New:Used= 10:1) while in America it is (New: Used= 1:8).

The reason for this is due to the Japanese cultural mindset that purchasing a home is a one-time deal. As for Americans they move homes according to changes in their lifestyle (approximately 11 times)

Hence moving from one used property to the next has increased liquidity in the real estate market. Furthermore, regardless of new or used homes, prices are set depending on the location and size of the property. The year built is not a major concern like in Japan.

In American real estate regardless of year built the price of the property is set. The liquidity and maturity of used homes have increased and it is much easier to plan an exit strategy.
Reference: Author Ichimaru Nick (American Real Estate Investment)

American Real Estate Appeal 03

Proportional to Economy Real Estate Price and Rent Increase

GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Along with the growth of the GDP the real estate prices have increased as well. The American economy continues to stabilize and grow which is an opportunity that real estate investors cannot miss.

Referring to the above graph, the American GDP has quadrupled in the last 30 years. The main reason for the increase is due to the growth of the working class. It is expected that real estate prices (property prices, rental prices) will increase as well.
Moreover, compared with the Japanese economy (GDP) where the working class continues to dwindle, it is clear that there is great opportunity in America.
Reference: Author Ichimaru Nick (American Real Estate Investment)

American Real Estate Appeal 04

Real Estate Investors rights are protected and tax relief provided

Japan's income taxation
Building and land ratio between Japan and American properties

In America, the real estate investors (landlords) rights are protected by law as they are able to do a credit check of their tenants prior to rental as well as evict tenants who are late on their payments.

There is also a tax benefit for depreciation in American real estate.
In Japan the property price includes the building ratio of 20%, land ratio of 80% with the property value being low. However, in America regardless of new or used property the building ratio is 80% and land ratio is 20%. Since target of depreciation is on the building ratio this in turn leads to greater tax benefits.

Our focus is on property built over 22 years ago, service life of 4 years (acceleration of depreciation) which creates larger costs.

American Real Estate Appeal 05

Avoid Yen risk and Reap the Benefits of the Dollar

Inflation of 2%, weaker yen, population decrease, budget deficit, the Japanese yen value is dangerously low.
From an investor standpoint, obtaining 90% of the single currency will hold high risk for the future.

It will become an unpredictable future for investment and currency distribution. To obtain American real estate has the benefit of equal investment and currency distribution.

America will be towing the world in IT, Education, Business, Natural Resources it’s no mistake to invest in the world key currency dollar.