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5 Appeals of American Real Estate

American Real Estate Development Assistance

We make the first step to a new start as smooth as possible!
We will support your American Real Estate development needs.

American Real Estate Development Assistance

We have 15 years of experience in American Real Estate development. Since we have an established relationship with American developers were are able to support your real estate needs.

If you are interested in starting American real estate development or would like to begin development in a new area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

American Real Estate Asset Management Agency

If you are an Agency who is currently selling American Real Estate in Japan, we will assist with our specialized services and total support for your business.

American Real Estate Asset Management Agency

Are you wasting precious time and staff on assistance after sale of property and discussions with property management company?

Instead of focusing on sales are you spending too much time on connecting with both ends?

Being in Japan and having to deal with American investment can be difficult due to Issues with time difference, language, cultural values.

We have knowledgeable bilingual staff members in America, who can provide smooth excellent service for your needs. You can now focus on sales while we take care of the tedious work.

Please consider our Asset Management Services.

Explanation of American real estate asset management agency

Brokerage Consultant Firm

Interested in becoming an American Real Estate Brokerage while staying in Japan. We have our original training and support so you can begin without worry.

Brokerage Consultant Firm

By becoming an International Real Estate brokerage you can expect a long stabilization.

Since we have many years of experience in American Real Estate, you can begin worry-free with our specialized training. We provide consultation on the American Real Estate Market and we will guide you through the purchasing process.

Businesses with specialized knowledge such as CPA, Asset Management Company, and Real Estate Companies with Profitable property are especially welcome to join.